WABCO Offers Free Brochure On HelmMaster® Control Systems

WABCO Fluid Power, Lexington, Ky., a producer of engineered pneumatic and electropneumatic components and systems, is offering a brochure detailing its HelmMasterâ„¢ maneuvering control system for workboats.

The HelmMaster provides one-handed control for close maneuvering operations even in rough weather conditions. According to the brochure, the advantages of the new control system are: simplified maneuvering control; improved vessel response; increased safety; and reduced operator strain.

The four-page, color bulletin describes the many benefits and explains the advanced system utilizes one-handed control.

The HelmMaster system consists of a joystick control unit located at the operator's station that communicates electronically through a separate microprocessor control cabinet to the main propulsion, thrusting and steering machinery. The operator's control unit is a compact weatherproof assembly containing: the friction joystick maneuver lever; rotary heading control knob; an array of mode and function selection buttons, with indicator lights; and a large LCD data display screen.

Graphics throughout the brochure illustrate a typical system configuration, system components and steering machinery that can be handled with standard HelmMaster maneuvering control systems.

To obtain a copy of the free HelmMaster brochure, number A9-154.00,

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