ABS Forms Republic Of China Technical Committee

A 13-member Republic of China Technical Committee has been formed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The committee, composed of prominent individuals in ROC maritime affairs, will enable ABS to maintain closer contact with scientific and technical matters relating to shipbuilding and engineering in the Republic, said ABS chairman and president Robert T. Young.

Chairman of the new committee is Vice Adm. S.T. Wang, chairman and president of China Shipbuilding Corporation, Taipei; vice chairman is Dr. Y.S. Li, president of United Ship Design and Development Center, Taipei. The inaugural meeting of the ROC Technical Committee was held on June 7 in Taipei. Mr. Young, who was visiting Japan, Taiwan, and Guam, attended the meeting during his visit to Taiwan. Also attending was Edwin S. Wenzel Jr., chief surveyor, from the New York office, and James L. Dolan, ABS principal surveyor for the Republic of China, based in the ABS Taipei office.

The formation of the ROC Technical Committee brings to 13 the number of overseas Technical Committees maintained by ABS. In addition to Vice Admiral Wang and Dr. Li, the members of the new committee are: C. Chao, president, China Union Lines Limited, Taipei; Y.T. Chao, president, China Steel Corporation, Kaohsiung; Vice Adm.

M.B. Chi, president, Taiwan Navigation Company, Taipei; T.L.

Cho, chairman, China Insurance Company, Limited, Taipei; S.C. Chu, president, First Steamship Company, Limited, Taipei; Shih Hou, president, Taiwan Machinery Manufacturing Corporation, Kaohsiung; W.H. Eddie Hsu, chairman, Eddie Steamship Company Ltd., Taipei; Vice Adm.

C.C. Tsao, chairman, China Merchants Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., Taipei; Prof. Chun-Tsung Wang, director, Institute of Naval Architecture, National Taiwan University, Taipei; Y.F. Yang, vice president, China Petroleum Corporation, Taipei and Rear Adm. H.P. Yen, president, Taiwan Shipbuilding Corporation, Taipei. Mr. Hsu, Vice Admiral Tsao, and Vice Admiral Wang are Members of ABS.

ABS is a nongovernmental, worldwide ship classification society which is primarily concerned with the establishment of internationally accepted standards, called Rules, for the design, construction, and periodic survey of merchant vessels and marine structures. It is represented in approximately 90 countries. In Taiwan, ABS is represented in Taipei and Kaohsiung, and has a senior surveyor stationed in Keelung.

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