Interocean Conducts Inert Gas Course

interocean conducts
inert gas course

Interocean Management Corporation, Three Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102, recently arranged the first "Inert Gas and Supporting Systems for Tanker Safety" training course to be offered in the United States. The four-day course is for deck and engineering officers sailing on new Americanbuilt VLCCs using flue gas as inert gas. Shore-based operational and engineering staff also attended. Two experienced instructors were provided by Wilson Walton International Limited of Croydon, England, and the Southampton School of Navigation of Southampton, England. The course covered general aspects of inert gas, including reasons for use, sources and composition of inert gas, and the design and operation of various inert gas plants. Atmosphere control and use of the inert gas during all phases of loading/discharging, tank washing, gas freeing and crude oil washing were discussed. Primary emphasis was on the safe operation of the inert gas system and the safety of personnel. A total of 43 officers attended, 20 from Interocean management who operate three American VLCCs, 20 from Gulf Trading and Transportation who recently took delivery of their first American VLCC, and one from another independent tanker owner. An MEBA District 2 instructor and a firefighting specialist from the U.S. Coast Guard in Washington attended as guests of Interocean Management.

Costs of the course other than wages of the attendees were split equally by Interocean Management Corporation and Gulf Trading and Transportation Company.

Plans are being formulated to conduct this course again in the near future.

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