Chevron Offers Free Color Guide To Inland & Coastal Marine Lubricants

Chevron, USA, of San Francisco, Calif., is offering a free color brochure on their inland and coastal marine lubricants.

This fold-out color brochure from Chevron contains information of Chevron Delo Marine and AW Machine Oils, NL Gear Compounds, Marine Oil 220X, Dura-Lith Grease EP2, Polyurea EP, Pinion Grease MS, and Ultra-Duty Grease. In addition, data sheets are included on Chevron Delo Marine Oil 471, 473 and 194, as well as a quick reference guide to Chevron marine lubricants. The quick reference chart provides information on the proper lubrication recommendation for such equipment as diesel engines, steam turbines, reverse and reduction gears and steering systems.

The brochure is highlighted by several color photographs of inland and coastal vessels and machinery. For a free copy of this informative and comprehensive brochure, along with the data sheets and quick reference guide from Chevron,

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