ZF Helps to Harness Spirit of Ontario's Power

zf helps to harness spirit of ontarios power

ZF Marine gears are on board the Spirit of Ontario, helping to harness the power of what is reported to be the most powerful fast ferry in the U.S. ZF Marine supplied four ZF 53000-1 NRH non-reversing, horizontal offset transmissions to mount behind MTU 20V 8000 M70 engines rated at 8,200kW. ZF 53000-1 NRH transmissions are designed to be lightweight, while offering a high power density for top performance.

The hardened and ground gear teeth and carefully configured hydraulic systems ensure reliability, safety, and comfort during operation.

Each of the four gearboxes on the Spirit of Ontario feature ZF Antiflex Mounting Systems.

The design of ZF's Antiflex Mounting System absorbs and reduces stresses on the main housing when the vessel's hull deflects in rough waters. ZF PTO's were also required for this application to control the steering of the vessel's waterjet propulsion system.

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