Literature Available On Harbormaster Transverse Mounted Propulsion Unit

Harbormaster of Quincy, Mass., Division of Mathewson Corporation, is offering literature on the company's SW-2000 and SW-3000 series transverse-mounted propulsion unit.

The Harbormaster transverse design propulsion unit makes use of the latest in power transmission technology to allow for mounting the chassis transversely on the vessel to greatly reduce the fore and aft deck space usually required.

In addition to descriptive text, the literature contains specific data on input speeds, lubrication and cooling, elevation, steering thrust, chassis, and propeller, and also a list of available options for controls, stem lengths, anti-cavitation plate, fuel tanks, and propellers. Included is a listing of the Harbormaster SW- 2000 and SW-3000 series models and cutaway drawing showing the elevating arc of 90 degrees from the vertical (deck level), which is standard. For free literature containing full information, C i r c l e 19 on Reader S e r v i c e Card

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