Free Literature Offered On Full Line Of Steering Gears From Tenf jord

free literature offered
on full line of steering gears
from tenf jord

Tenfjord Inc. of Norway (represented in the U.S. by Tenfjord Inc.

of Hoboken, N.J.) is offering free literature on steering gears manufactured to their rotary piston design. The Tenfjord unit is very compact, especially the M-type with its integral pump units, and space-saving is an important factor within the after part of a ship's structure where the steering gear must necessarily be placed.

The robust nature of the Tenfjord steering gear's construction makes it ideal for installation on deck, there are no exposed moving parts susceptible to damage and because the unit is completely enclosed there is little possibility of seawater or sand ingress into the gear.

Over the years Tenfjord steering gears have proved themselves to be reliable in service and trouble free in operation, making these units universally popular with owners of all types of vessels but especially among fishermen. According to the manufacturer, over 5,000 vessels from more than 45 different countries have Tenfjord steering gears installed.

For free literature giving full information on the rotary hydraulic Tenfjord steering gear,

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